EverGRIP 3 Way Y Splitter with CEE Overmould Devices

EverGRIP 3 Way Y Splitter with CEE Overmould Devices

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Ordering Information:

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Product Line:
EverGRIP Overmould Y-Splitter


Up to 32 Amp 240/415 VAC CEE Devices and HO7RN-F 4.0mm2 available with 6.0mm2 cable.
Other sizes available on request.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rugged, one-piece connector construction eliminates broken conductors and loose terminations in the shell
  • Thermoplastic elastomer overmould absorbs impact to prevent internal damage to pins and contacts, and is insulated for safe handling
  • Overmould is UV stabilized to prevent degradation of connector housing when used outdoors
  • Exclusive ergonomic, hand grip provides a firm gripping surface for easy connector mating and un-mating
  • Available in red, blue or black where applicable.

Market Served:

Motion Picture and Television Production, Theatrical Production, Concert Touring, Live Events, Convention Centres