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Cable Repair and Retrofit Program

Cable Repair Service Program

Standard cable repair services include inspection of the cable jacket and conductors for cuts, as well as a continuity and hipot test. Repairs include heavy wall heat shrink application for jacket cuts, replacement of all connectors and terminals, and tape and label replacement (if replaceable). Clear heat shrink is installed to each cable end. All cables receive a final continuity test. Standard cable repair services carry a 1-year limited warranty.

EverGrip Cable Retrofit Service Program

EverGrip cable retrofits for 19-pin multi-cable, include the removal of original connectors, and the installation of clear heat shrink to each end.New molded connectors are then pinned to the cable ends and a continuity and hipot test is performed prior to the EverGrip overmold procedure. After connectors are overmolded, the cable receives a final continuity test.

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