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Miscellaneous Adapters

Custom power adaptor cables can be manufactured to order from the following:

  • Evergrip moulded 16 and 32 amp single and three phase CEE plug and sockets.
  • Mennekes 16, 32, 63 and 125 amp single and three phase CEE plug and sockets.
  • Powerline QC Single Pole connectors
  • Neutrik Powercon connectors
  • Neutrik Powercon True1 Top connectors
  • 13 amp plug and sockets
  • 15 amp plug and sockets
  • Schuko plug and sockets
  • IEC connectors

3ph 125 Amp plug to Powerline QC Source Connectors

UK mains 13 Amp plug to 
moulded 1ph 16 Amp socket

1ph 16 Amp plug to TRUE1 Female

3ph 63 Amp plug to 3ph 32 Amp socket


  • Each extension is electrically PAT tested prior to shipping to ensure compliance
  • Custom labeling and colour coding available
  • Adapters are manufactured with heavy duty flexible Titanex HO7RN-F cable
Ordering Information: For ordering information contact a Lex Products Sales Representative.