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CEE Tee Piece Assembly


The CEE Tee Piece assembly features moulded 16amp 2P+E PCE plug and socket with built in power cable in a fully enclosed moulded housing.

Provides a single power circuit for convenient connection points in
a portable configuration.

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged, one-piece connector construction eliminates broken conductors and loose terminations in the shell
  • Each extension is electrically PAT tested prior to shipping to ensure compliance
  • Moulded non-conductive thermoplastic elastomer absorbs impact to prevent internal damage to pins and contacts and creates a fully insulated assembly
  • Moulded housing is UV stabilized to prevent degradation of connector housing when used outdoors
  • Enclosed Titanex H07RN-F 3 core cable can be supplied to length as required and can be wired with numerous 3 pin power connectors, such as CEE, True1, powerCON and Schuko
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Custom labeling and colour coding available

Ordering Information: For ordering information contact a Lex Products Sales Representative.