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A full line of tour-grade DMX extensions and related shielded XLR data cables for intercom, color changers, RFU remote-focus uni
Data Cables
Allows two instruments to be plugged into a single 16 Amp receptacle
PowerFlex Y-Splitter
Multi-cable carries 6-circuits of lighting power inside a single jacket, saving six individual runs of cable.
LSC19 Pin Multi-Cable Assemblies
PowerFlex Extensions are made with heavy duty H07RN-F Flexible portable cord and are available with a selection of devices.
PowerFlex Wiring Device Extensions
Powerline single pole connectors are designed to provide safe, reliable and quick connection of Cable to Cable or Cable...
Lex HMI connectors incorporate features which ensure high quality, extreme durability and safe connections between HMI ballast a
Head to Ballast Assembly
Standard cable repair service include inspection of cable jacket and conductors for cuts,as well as a continuity and hipot test.
Cable Repair Service